About TCF

Making world a better to live is what Tayseer Al-Sheikh for Operations & Maintenance Est (TOM), has been aiming for since number of years in Saudi Arabia. Working since 2009, the company has managed to involve manufacturing and marketing together. The company manufactures and markets the technical service which helps in every level of treatment through chemical programs. The expanding and revolutionary needs in the reclaimed area have made our direction towards the production of the finest quality of chemical, relevant acids and fertilizers. This has led to the innovative improvement in achieving the excellence in the production making every effort a fruitful one.
The leading companies rely on TOM to drive value and sustainability actively with the enforcement in technologies and expertise to improve and facilitate operations. With the constant changes and new products introduction, results in the mixture process. The saleable products are offered at such cost effective prices keeping demand and safety clearly in mind.


Chemicals (Sulphuric Acid – HCL – caustic soda – DM water- paints chemicals – Lime stone – calcium carbonate – sodium hypo – Potassium chloride)


Fertilizers (sulphur agriculture & industrial – SOP granular & powder + super solo / Low chloric product)


Water treatment  (Poly Aluminium chloride – aluminium sulphate – ferric chloride – Polymers – water stations services)


TPF provides shipping and logistics. It provides sevral transportations fow their imports and exports.


Tayseer Al-Sheikh for Operations & Maintenance Est (TOM), is a chemical, acids and fertilizer manufacturing company which believes in maintaining guarantee of high and environmental friendly products. We have been consistent in our position where we lead our competitors in this industry throughout the world. Our farmers, traders and agents are the major reason for our continuous success and growth in this diversified field. Our ethos let us update our key performance, products and services making us be innovative in whatever we produce.

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