The exporting of quality produce only gets possible with the availability of high quality fertilizers and it consists a high percentage of potassium & sulfur and the product is produced in powders and grains . We have been manufacturing the fertilizer which is famous in the international market including countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.
With all these, we have been successfully working hard for competing in the market
making sure that safety and quality of the product along with managed expenses is very precisely taken care of. Once in operation, benefitting from the modular concepts where processing and operation analysis is involved is a major concern. The company understands and anticipates the needs of its customers as the major concern because they know this very well that it is the one way to continue the success. The value for the money, world-class products and services is the primarily focused area of apprehension.

  •    Powder 25KG (bag)  1MT
  •     Grains 25KG (bag)   1.25MT



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